Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Weekend

I've been such a bad blogger, having not been around for a couple of weeks. Life has been busy though and I have lots to share so hopefully I'll make up for lost time with plenty of posts over the coming days.This last weekend I've been on babysitting duty. My sister had the chance to go away with her husband so good old Auntie was roped in for some baby sitting. Here is me and the littlest of my 2 nephews, he's only 10 months old. Do I look suitably worn out after cheeky monkey gave me a couple of sleepless nights?Actually all in all he wasn't too bad considering up until now he's not been without his Mum for more than a couple of hours.And even though he might not have slept all the way through the nights, he did take a few naps during the day so I got to use him as a model to practise on with my camera.So cute when he's asleep, I should have taken some shots when he was crying and screaming just for contrast, lol. Baby wasn't the only one to catch a few zzzzs during the day, here is a shot of baby's older brother who is doing his best impression of Great Gran asleep :)The best thing about families though is their sharing nature, my 2 nephews sent me home with a sickness bug they had earlier in the week, so I've been laid up for a couple of days, on the mend now though :-) And my sister had a lovely weekend so it was all worth it.

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