Monday, October 04, 2010

Autumn Queen the Finale

The Autumn Queen has had her beads and is now finished.I am pretty happy with the way she has turned out. I would never have chosen to stitch this design myself, but all of the different thread types and the beading made it an interesting project to complete.The beading took a while as I suspected it would, definitely something to be done in the daylight and with the nights drawing in I don't see too mush daylight after I get home from work anymore.I now just have to get out and find the perfect frame for her and she's complete, and in plenty of time before my sisters birthday.

So it'll be back to the Tigers again soon, but I'm not sure they will get too much time over the coming weeks as I've been reminded that it's now less than 90 days before Christmas and there are a few gifts that I want to try and make this year so I'd best get started.


Jane said...

Your sister will be delighted, it's a great finish. Hope you manage to find her the perfect frame

Andrea said...

Well done Angela - it's a beauty. Not sure I'd have the patience for all those little beads but they do look great xxx