Thursday, September 11, 2008


The further into Mum's cross stitch projects I get the more help and encouragement I'm going to need I think. So I decided to join a couple of yahoo cross stitching groups and so far the ladies and gents have been great!

One of the groups is having a month long 'complete your UFOS' stitch along. Of course my main UFO at the moment is Siberian Gold but this week I came across a small project that I started a while ago.

When I was having a lot of family problems a lovely lady in the US sent me a gorgeous little kitty kit' Hang in There' Well I got some way into the project and at the time, having not done any cross stitch for a while, I realised that I'd made a totally rookie mistake and started stitching on the fabric the wrong way round.

This is how far I'd gotten and I really couldn't face unpicking it all or starting again.

Anyway having come across the project again this week I had a count up and figured that actually the design will still fit on the fabric even on this wrong orientation. This is going to become my 'mobile' project this week. I like to have some stitching in my bag so that if I'm stuck waiting for dh to leave work at the end of day or if I manage to fit in a lunch break at work then I have a little something to keep my hands from being idle.

I'm not sure that it will get done by the end of next week, but I'm sure that I can get this done by the end of the month when the SAL finishes.


Donna said...

"wrong way" doesn't exist -- just "alternate way" :-))

Anne Sans Tete said...

i'm working on this one too :D