Friday, September 05, 2008

On Safari

I'm happy dancing as another UFO is finished up.

My safari cushion is done. Here it is sat on the sofa. In the end I didn't add anything more to the centre panel as I was thinking I might in the last post. I did think about it and actually wanted to add some trees along the horizon line. All the other pictures on the panel are fussy cut appliques. When I looked through the fabric stash I have nothing with trees on, actually I couldn't believe that I didn't, but it's true. I might in the past have rushed out to find some but as I am trying to cut back I really didn't want to go out and get more fabric just for a tree or two.

I also thought about maybe embroidering a tree or two but didn't think this would really fit in with the rest of the panel so decided to leave well enough alone.

I haven't done anything fancy with the back just picked out one of the fabrics that feature in the border. (sorry about the blurry pic, the light here is terrible and the flash just glares back on this fabric)The cushion measure 18 x 18. The only thing I have left to do is go buy a cushion pad that is big enough the ones I have really don't fit properly so it's a bit saggy :)

DH is out tomorrow for the day so I'm looking forward to a day stitching and catching up on some blog reading, with maybe a chocolate eating break thrown in there somewhere for good measure!


Trecie said...

These are so cute and I love your Tiger will look forward to seeing more pictures of the progress on it.

Donna said...

I love the backing fabric you chose -- the bright swirly colours are a wondrufl comliment to the front panel :-)

Jane said...

What a lovely escape, especially with the weather as it is at the moment. This is a lovely cushion

Unknown said...

this is a great pillow, so colorful! Melinda