Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Healing Hearts

As the GWE samplers were such a quick turn around already it's time to pick another of my ufos from the box.

I thought I'd work on another cushion in the hopes that this will be a reasonably quick turn around project too. I have a couple of big projects in that UFO box but I'm trying to ignore them for the time being ;) After my Mum passed away two years ago some lovely ladies on one of the yahoo groups that I belonged to at the time sent me some healing heart blocks. I have been wanting to make these into a comfort cushion for a while but need to make a few more hearts of my own as I want to make it double sided. Somehow I just never found the time to make them. Now I'm going to make time!

I'm having fun with these UFO's and it really feels good to see the pile shrinking. There are plenty more to be done though so no time for slacking!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Angelcat, for leaveing a message on my blog, truly gratefull,
I like the idea of the hearts cushions, be great to see a finished picture, good idea,
Take care
Tracey x

Unknown said...

What a lovely idea. I had the same idea when my Mum passed away 2 years ago. Have a lot of kits and unfinished pieces left from my Mum and I am going to make them into a quilt so that it can be passed down the family. I must get it started. I shall look forward to seing the finished cushion.
Margaret from Andover UK

Donna said...

I"m sure the women who made the heart blaocks will be happy to see them being put together. May they bring lots of warm memories of both your mom and the people who surround you with love.