Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I hate work!
Ok so I know I have to work to be able to afford my house, the car and my art supplies but between work and looking after sick MIL free time during the week seems to get less and less. I have so many things that I want to do and projects that I want to progress sometimes it's just FRUSTRATING!
This is what I have been trying to get to work on the last few weeks but somehow never seem to get too.
The GWE main exhibition is at the beginning of next year just a few short months away and I'm not even started. I think that part of the problem is the thought of working in a sketchbook to try and develop my ideas.
I've never been good at drawing and painting ( a fact that I was constantly reminded of at school) and get frustrated by the fact that I can never seem to translate the ideas that I have in my head onto paper. I think this is why I tend to get stuck straight into the doing rather than concentrating on developing ideas.
I have an idea of what I want to make for the exhibition but in order to get to where I want to be I know I need to thrash out and develop my thoughts in the sketchbook. I'm going to try and shift my thought process slightly and try and think of this as a 'sample' rather than 'sketch' book to see if that helps.

This book arrived from Amazon today. I'm hoping that it will help me on the way to realising the piece that I want to make for the exhibition. I have several good doll/figure making books now. I've only had a chance to glance through this one so far and while I don't think there are any particularly new techniques it's a lovely book with some great colourful photos to inspire. I'm going camping at the weekend, this will come with me so that I can read and digest properly!

Sorry I know this is turning into a bit of a rambling post but before I sign off for the day for any blog reading addicts out there I just want to mention a new blog on the block. I recently 'met' Vicki as we are partners in a swap being organised by Quilt Pixie, thanks for hooking us up Pixie! Anyhow please drop by and visit Felines and Fibre Arts from time to time, I'm sure Vicki (and her gorgeous moon faced kitties!) would love to hear from you!


Donna said...

I too hate sketchbooks -- I do however have design books. Sometimes I substitute a particularly easy to draw symbol for a complicated one in my mind so I can play, othertimes I find a ready made image (say of a face) and copy it lots and lots of times on the photocopier and then cut and paste the parts as needed.... There are lots of ways of doing the deisgn work without drawing skills.

THE biggest help for me were two things. First I made a design book using old brown paper grocery bags -- because its all "scrap paper" just stitched together into a booklet shape I'm free to waste paper and simply play :-) The second thing I did was make the design book a private work -- NO ONE under any circumstances get to see what's in it. It lets me doodle, draw just for me, scribble and experiement more knowing that others will not get a glimpse...

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Good advice there.. keep the book private.. it is your thoughts and symbols that matter.. not whether the book qualifies to go in the Art Gallery! It can be called all manner of things.. art journal, sketchbook, design book, ideas on pile of paper. The main thing is to work into it and it is not precious at all. You have some fantastic photos and mybe photocopy them and then tear/rip and colour them.... arange them on a series of pages... and stitch them together. You have a SB!!
Above all have lots and lots of fun.