Wednesday, May 30, 2007


As promised here are a few pictures of the little mermaid doll that I have been working on as part of the beaded doll round robin I signed up for.

This lovely doll form was made by Sharon and she called her Sirena. Here is the work that has been done on her front so far. There are still two more rounds to this robin before the doll will be complete. I decided to leave her front as is and add some detail to the back.

I bet you can't guess which bit I added, lol!

Ok so here is a close up of all the lovely orangeness that I added. I started with some sequins to echo the sequin work that another participant had already added to her front. I than added a mixture of seed and bugle beads to complete her tail. The final touch was to add a couple of fishy friends. I hope Sharon likes my contribution. I think she is going to have a beautiful doll once the final two rounds are complete.


Anonymous said...

Love what you've done here Angela. Those little dolphin beads are a really nice touch.

Unknown said...

your beading is beautiful! I love the orange too. I also love your fabric charms. I was surprised how time consuming they are but they sure are pretty! Melinda

Helen in the UK said...

Oh - the orange is FABULOUS. What a great contrast when the doll is turned over! Your beading looks wonderful and the dolphins are a perfect finishing touch :)

Alis Clair said...

Absolutely gorgeous Angela. I love the colour you have chosen. Adds zing.

Sue Wild said...

Those dolls look amazing, just love the beading. Is there a pattern that your round robin has used for the body or they just freeform shapes?


Kate North said...

I adore those sequins - must find out where you got them from... Oh, and I like the rest of the work you did on the doll, too! :)