Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I can't believe it's been a week since I posted, how time is flying these days! Mark and I had a fabulous weekend camping in sunny Swanage and I'm ready to get sewing again.

Following on from my 'use only scraps' self challenge here is a postcard I made for a faces themed challenge. I was still in orange and blue mode when I made this at the end of last week. I'm ashamed to admit that the challenge was back in January but we had one last minute swapper who I agree to exchange with. I received her beautiful card and when I checked back through my records I came to realise that I hadn't made one in return. Here is my effort, better late than never I hope!
Hope to have a lot more to share later in the week I seem to have a tonne of things half finished at the moment!


Vi said...

It looks wonderful!! :-)

Alis Clair said...

I love it.
Hugs, Alis

Kate North said...

It's very effective - orange and blue do work well together of course, but I really like the face.

Mom2fur said...

That's really pretty!