Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am still plodding along trying to catch up with everything that I got behind with while Dad was ill. It seems it only takes a few weeks to get behind but five times as long to try and get back on course and catch up, sigh! I will get there and I can only say a continued thanks for the patience that everyone is showing while I make such slow progress on catching up.

I have been beading like mad these last couple of days trying to get back straight with my doll round robins. I just finished work on Edna's doll which is the last in the spirit doll round robin that I have been in. Edna's theme was earth.
Here is the finished doll. I had three sections on the front to fill to complete the doll. Mine are the bottom two, once section completed with wooden beads and the other stone chip beads which I hope add some earthy textures. The other section I did was the one above the stone chips which I filled with a mixture of seed and glass beads. The doll is now on it's way back to Edna. I hope she likes it and I am looking forward to the safe return of my doll in this RR soon.

I am part way through beading one of the little mermaids that I have with me for the other RR, so hopefully I will have some pictures of that one to share in the next couple of days too.


Micki said...

Your beading looks fantastic and so does the doll.

Helen in the UK said...

WOW - that doll is amazing! Your sections have blended in very nicely. Can't wait to see the mermaid you're working on and the dolls you receive back :)

Alis Clair said...

What a gorgeous doll. I love your beading, very beautiful.