Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Star Challenge bag

I had a busy but fun weekend visiting Bath, going to the local firework display and then going out to Stourhead to see the wonderful autumn scenery there in the garden at the moment. Didn't get time for much creating though so I need to go into creative overdrive the next few days if I want to carry on the good work I have started making in roads in to the catching up I have to do with my swaps.

I managed to get one thing finished up though and that was a small bag I have been making for a challenge on BeadArt-olics. The listmom already kindly extended the deadline for me so I just had to get this finished. We were sent the polymer clay face and a few beads that we had to use and the rest was up to us. I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to beading projects so my small bag came together with a lot of trial and error. The most fun I had was making the beaded strap but for a first attempt at designing a beaded project on my own, I think it came out ok.


Helen in the UK said...

Even if you're running behind it is nice to take a break sometimes and recharge the creative juices by doing something totally different. I think your bag turned out great - congrats :)

Vi said...

Lovely Bag!! Looks Great!! :-)