Sunday, November 26, 2006


Here is one of the cards I made for an Artsnthemail swap called 'sequins'. I decided to go abstract!

I have to admitt that I have been working on these for quite some time. Not that they actually took an enormous time to make it's just that I don't seem to have had much time for creating these past couple of weeks so I started them almost 2 weeks ago and only just got them done this morning.

I just love sequins they are probably my favourite embellishment at the moment so I had lots of fun raiding my collection for these, and it was so much easier to lay my hands on them now that I have most of my stash stored together by colour :) Actually I still have a way to go with the stash organisation but I'm trying to do a little bit each day even if it's only 10 mins and I'm gettng there bit by bit!


Helen in the UK said...

Little and often will win the race eventually :)

Anonymous said...

LoVe It!!