Thursday, November 09, 2006

A new leaf?

I've got the day off work today and had planned to tie myself to the sewing machine in a bid to finish up some of my late swaps. However, I got really frustrated by not being able to find anything I wanted to I decided enough is enough and I needed to get a new system for organising all of my bits and pieces.

A quick trip to town later I came home armed with tonnes of little plastic tubs (the kind that you get your fried rice in from the takeaway, lol) and began sorting. It's taken all day and I've only just started to touch the surface of my collection of bits and bobs (giggle) but so far so good. I have decided to go with sorting things by colour as this is most often how I work these days so thought it would be easier to have all the inspiration in one place. So now I have lots of little groups of tubs like this

I've filled one tub with fabric scraps, another with all of my cottons and threads and the third has ribbons, lace, beads, buttons and sequins. I'm hopeful that this system is going to be perfect for me and the way I like to work and it should be easy to chuck everything back in the boxes at the end of the day to keep the place a bit tidier.


Helen in the UK said...

Great idea. There's nothing as frustrating as not being able to find the perfect 'bit' when you know it is there somewhere. Time spent organising is never wasted and should make you quicker in the long run :)

Vi said...

It's a great feeling to have the bits and bobs organised, isn't it. :-) I must get to mine oneday soon. I just bought a handy storage container for them.