Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In Progress - Collage

Here is something a bit different from my usual fiber offerings. I have recently become fascinated by mixed media and altered art and found a wonderful UK based yahoo group to join. They are running a challenge at the moment to create a piece inspired by WWI. So here is my offering. It's still in progress at the moment but hopefully this will turn out to be my very first art collage.

Well actually I'm sure sure if I'll end up being able to call it a proper collage as to me it should have a few more layers before it can be said to be a real collage. Basically I started with a piece of canvas board which I painted with white gesso. I then took some burnt sienna acrylic paint and rubbed this over the top with a paper towel. I then added some copper acrylic for a slight sheen and on top of that rubbed in some oil pastels in various brown shades. When these layers of paint had dryed a bit I scratched back into the surface with the end of a pair of scissors. Over the top I have stuck various images and text mainly from WWI propoganda posters and finally wrapped some small pieces of jewellery wire together in which I hope looks like some imitation barbed wire to frame some of the edges of the board.

I'm thinking my next step will be to add some randomly stamped text to the exposed background and hopefully that will finish the piece off.


CBM said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the next development.

artfulzebra said...

This is great, Angela, well done. :o) As I read I was thinking that I'd add more to the background and then you said that's what you're planning! I love the barbed wire, great touch. Look forward to seeing the finished collage. ;o)


Vi said...

Loving your recent work Angela!!
:-) And looking forward to seeing the finished collage.