Monday, September 25, 2006

Where we stayed on holiday

I finally started the process of downloading and sorting out my holiday snaps today. So no doubt this will be the first of many posts with all of the gory details. First off where we stayed the Amorossa Apartments, Roda.

The picture on the left is the view from the entrance to the apartment complex, as you can see the sea was right outside which was great, such a shame that it was a pebble beach though. On the right is the actual apartment we stayed in. You can just about make out my Nan on the veranda, and that's Tyler in the front with his SpongeBob bag. This was our very last morning.

This last picture is one view of the pool. Not too big but a nice size given that it was only a small complex. I have no complaints about the accommodation at all. The apartment was clean and a decent size for the 4 of us that were sharing (Nan, my brother Michael, Mark and me). It was cleaned 5 days a week and the complex as a whole was very well kept. A lovely place to stay.

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