Thursday, September 21, 2006


The main reason for us all going on a family holiday to Corfu (there were 7 of us altogether) was to scatter the remaining part of Mum's ashes in a place that she loved. The Greek Islands were her favourite holiday destination. The last holiday that Mum and Dad went on together was to Roda in Corfu and Dad wanted to take her back one last time.

Aparently while they were there last they took several trips on the only boat that operates from a local harbour, operated by the fabulous Captain George. We went on his boat from Roda to Corfu town and spent a lovely few hours wandering round and exploring the sites. Ok so Mark & I went exploring and the rest sat and drank coffee and had a look round the shops.

We found this pretty little church on the way up to the entrance to the old fort. It was difficult to take a picture of as it was set off at and angle to the main street, but you can just about see the entrance. It is the church of the Blessed Virgin of Carmel and built in 1663. We went in and lit a candle for Mum.

On the boat trip back we stopped at a beautiful little fishing village called Kassiopi. Captain George pulled the boat up in front of a small bay just outside the main port and we scattered Mum there. I know she would have loved the place. Of course it wasn't really the right time to be taking pictures but afterwards I managed to find this postcard of Kassiopi taken from the air. If you look right in the foreground just before the land winds round into the main port you might be able to see a small bay with a tiny beach this is where Mum will forever be.

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