Friday, September 29, 2006

Loss and other things

Well the great tidy up got underway yesterday as I spent an hour cleaning up under my desk and now as I sit here and type there is room for my feet under there too! Today the top of the desk will be getting the same treatment just as soon as I have finished here.

Well it wasn't all work yesterday I did get in my fix of creating too. I started on a set of rather personal paper ATCs. ATC friends around the world are currently hosting a word swap there is a list of almost 50 words to choose from so you pick a word and make an ATC using it. Given what has been happening this year I had to go with 'Loss' and here is the card I am creating as a tribute to my wonderful Mum. You might recognise this photo as I posted it here a couple of weeks back. I decided to keep it simple as the important thing is the message behind the card rather than the skill of making it.

I also made some cute beaded mermaids to attach to some more ATCs so watch out for those soon and started an online dollmaking class yeah I know as if I don't have enough to do, but I figured that alongside all of these swaps it would be nice to spend a few minutes each day working on something for myself. Here are the details of the class and I will let you know how it goes

Ok I just couldn't resist as I think these are so cute, here is one of the mermaids I beaded. I found the pattern in one of the old craft magazines that I dug out from under my desk yesterday! I just quickly stuck her in the scanner so not the greatest of images but you get the idea.

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Helen in the UK said...

The mermaid is gorgeous and hope you have a lot of fun on your dollmaking course :)