Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fun by the Pool in Corfu

Time for some more holiday snaps, this time here we all are having fun by the pool. Actually Dad had a bit of a rough holiday. There were lots of mosquitos around and we all got bitten, but Dad's became infected and he had to pay several visits to the Doctor and had his legs strapped up for most of the two weeks. As you can see he also doesn't like having his picture taken, lol!

My brother Michael, spent most of his two weeks soaking up the sun by the pool listening to his Ipod. Here is is looking rather attractive with his shirt over his head, I'm sure he'd kill me if he knew I was sharing this photo!

Me and Mark having some fun in the pool, actually I think I am trying to duck Mark under here but with little success he has a tight grip on the side of the pool!

Here are Nan and Tyler having a swim. We tried to get Tyler to learn to swin through the two weeks but he just hates to get his head wet. Here he is with just one armband, but I'm afraid that was as close as we managed to get.

Finally here is a closeup of my sister, Emily. I think she must have taken this one of herself. Apart from Nan, no-one else had bought a camera so mine kept disappearing and I am finding all kinds of odd shots like this one as I go through them all :)

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