Monday, April 17, 2006

Preening Peacock

Today I have finished working on a set of 14 cards for any anything goes swap for the canceled art group. This was actually one of the first swaps I signed up for but it had a long lead time. I've since realised that I prefer to swap in groups of 5 - 10 as sometimes it can get a bit boring making so many of the same design but here are the cards I made.

The picture hasn't come out all that clearly but I think the image is a bit clearer if you click on it and go to the slightly larger picture. I dyed some fabric in the microwave a turquoise colour and then stamped a picture of a peacock using fabric ink. To this fabric I sewed a peacock feather print fabric and decorated the join using some metallic ribbon. Finally I added some seed beads to the eyes of the feathers on the stamped image.

It took quite sometime to add beads as I did these by hand but I think the end result is quite nice so I'm glad I put in that extra effort, now I just have to keep fingers crossed that the beads make it too their destinations in tact and that everyone in the swap likes the card!

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog page! You are such a creative lady and I'm proud to have you as a member of FAT. Keep up the good work.
Hugs, Normajean