Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

The final thing I have been working on this weekend is yet another postcard swap (you'd think I'd be fed up with them by now!).

This is for the FAT group and the swap is called Cinco de Mayo. Now not really knowing much about this celebration I wasn't sure whether to enter the swap, but Nj who runs the group has come up with some fantastic cards in the shapes of peppers and tacos and I'm really hoping to get one of those so I just had to have a go.

I really like ancient history and cultures so I went ahead and found a royalty free clip art image which I thought could be mayan inspired and decided to turn it into a festival mask. In the end the design has turned out to be quite a simple one but each card takes a while to make. I have handpainted the mask with yellow and green fabric paint, which I then have to wait to dry before ironing the design onto bondaweb. Then I have attached a couple of eyelets for the eyes which I usually use in card making. It then takes a while to cut the mask out because of all the tendrils coming off. Obviously then I've ironed it to the backing fabric and stitched it down but running straight stitch up and down the tendrils. Finally Ii finished it off with a decorative stitch down the sides and attached all the layers using a zigzag stitch around the edge.

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