Sunday, April 09, 2006

Inspired by the stars

For some reason I couldn't get blogger to upload any more of my pictures yesterday, but here is a set of postcards I made.

I was really inspired by all of the wonderful fabrics that I received in my secret sister parcel from Maureen, so had a look through the list of upcoming swaps that I'm signed up for and found one that fit the bill.

So here is the card that I made for the FAPC swap 'The stars shine big and bright at night'. I trapped some tiny star confetti between a layer of midnight blue felt and some of the gorgeous star printed net that Maureen sent for a shaker card with a difference. The couple of shaker cards that I've done before I've just used plastic but I love that the net allows the trapped stars to move around a lot more easily. I guess the only danger is if the net get ripped in the mail then all the stars will come tumbling out. Well I guess we will just have to see how they fair. One of these has to make it all the way to New Zealand which will be the first time I've swapped with someone there!

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