Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fairy seed packets

Finally the remaining three seed packets for the FGM swap have emerged too. I had so much fun coming up with the ideas for these. I took them to my quilt class last night and everyone thought I was quite mad.

First off here are some Prince Charming seeds. Everything I used to make this card came to me as gifts from other members of the FGM group! The idea is to plant these seeds and grow your own prince charming. However there is a disclaimer on the back of the packet as not all seeds will produce a prince charming you must nuture them well or you will end up having to kiss a lot of toads!

The next packet is for growing your own shooting stars. I used a pretty cat image from a Laurel Burch print. The idea behind this is that shooting stars are infact not stars at all but actually fairy cats frolicking in the heavens.

The final packet is for Bubble seeds. I used a painted image for this one, and the idea is that bubbles are the favourite mode of transport for baby fairies so you should plant these if you want to bring some fairy magic back to your garden!

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