Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Wensleydale Lace

We've had a fair amount of lovely Autumn sunshine recently which creates the most amazing light so I had hoped to go somewhere and do an outdoor photo shoot with my finished Wensleydale scarf, but my tooth extraction and the resulting pain put paid to that and I decided to take a couple of indoor snaps instead just so I could hurry up and share this with you.
I really love how this turned out and using two skeins of yarn has made it a super long scarf so plenty of wrapping potential for added cosiness.
It was a really straight forward pattern which was probably just as well for my first attempt at any lace effect work.  Even so I still managed to make a couple of mistakes along the way. But it really was only a couple and when wrapping me up and keeping me warm you can't see them ...... and hey who wants to be perfect anyway.  With it's little flaws my scarf will always be one of a kind and that is one of the beautiful things about handmade.


Jane Galley said...

It looks fabulous, perfect for wrapping a sore face and keeping it warm. Hope you're all healed now

Kate North said...

That looks great - really light and airy, but totally cosy at the same time!