Sunday, November 10, 2013

My week in Snapshots

Not many words to say this week.  Still recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction so mostly been keeping things nice and quiet.

Cosy evenings by candlelight
 Gorgeous Autumn Light
 Hat of the week - cheating a bit with a hood.  I'm looking a bit forlorn in this picture which sums up my week of pain and feeling sorry for myself!
 Comfort food - stewed apples and ice cream
 Waiting ..... and enjoying the last light of the day
 Cuddles with puppies - how I wish I could take this fellow home!
Toward the end of next week we're off to Yorkshire for a few days so I may be MIA for a bit.  Whatever you're up to have fun xx

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Pull the other thread said...

Hope you're feeling better. That is a cute little puppy.