Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A gift for my Gran

All I seem to be doing is starting new projects at the moment. 

I've been trying to resist getting swept up in the tide as it seems far too early to be thinking about it yet but it's already everywhere in the shops and on TV ..... yes I'm talking Christmas.

These days I'm fairly lucky most of my family and friends have agreed not to swap presents any more so this time of year isn't too stressful for me.  I have decided to make a few things though.  The throw for my brother and his girlfriend is well under way and barring fire or flood it should be done in time.

The problem with such a big piece is its not very portable.  So I've turned to a gift that I've been thinking about making for my Gran.
I managed to pick up the yarn I needed from Ebay last week at a bargain price.  Oh my this is just the softest yummiest thing I've had the pleasure of working with part silk, part alpaca, honestly you don't know you're working with it.  If you could crochet with a cloud I'm sure this is what it would feel like.
It's early days yet and I had a few problems getting to grips with the pattern repeat, but fingers crossed I'm in the groove now.  This will be the perfect thing for me to take to work on when we go to Yorkshire.  We're leaving tomorrow, can't wait to have a break away for a few days.  But first this evening we're off to Bath to for the Christmas lights switch on ........ did you hear me say earlier it's too early to get in teh Christmas spirit, what do I know, lol.  See you on the other side.


Jane said...

It looks beautiful, and it is lovely yarn to work with. Your Gran will be so pleased

Sarah said...

I agree the Debbie Bliss yarn is gorgeous! Jane is right your gran will be very pleased!