Monday, November 11, 2013

Suits you, Madam

Almost finished the loopy beard but not quite. In the meantime I have finally finished the moustache I started a good couple of months ago. This was so quick to knit up it really should have been a fast finish but as is my habit I'm always trying to work on a million things at once so nothing gets done very fast.
Is it wrong to say I love my little handlebar, lol?  OMG have never had so much fun taking selfies.  Suits me, no?
I put this picture up on Facebook, and had some suggestions that I look like Luigi from the Mario brothers with the beret on too, lol
Messing around with some photo apps and I made this mirror image shot, freaky ........
I also got asked why the hell would I make a knitted moustache as what was the point?  Duh, the point is just to have fun once in a while, what is the constant obsession with purpose anyhow?  ok I understand that a knitted moustache might not have many practical applications.  But me, well I loathe housework so I shall be wearing mine while I'm doing the vacuuming ...... just because it makes me giggle.

Maybe I am just nutty?  I'll let you decide ;D

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