Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Jobs for June

Confession time again. How did I do in May?
  • Finish the Tiger Cross stitch - any time left over in the month after that will be used to work on Lakeside Farm - Tigers are finished and Lakeside Farm has progressed
  • Participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Done. I made 4 chequerboard blocks and a pincushion
  • Participate in the 3CS Challenge - I was a little late but I had an almost finished doll to share by the deadline date
  • Make 10 Recycled/Reused Postcards - I managed to get 8.5 done before Jemimah gave up on me so not completing this one was a little out of my control :)
  • Complete chapter 4 city and guilds and get 2 further chapters done. - Chapter 4 and 5 got done but thanks to my machine breaking down I didn't get through chapter 6
  • Start second PIF gift - I've sorted out the fabric and the pattern but can't go much further until I have my machine back, but it's a start which is all I said I'd do.
  • Crochet 16 little Granny Squares - Done. This was the first thing off the list that got done this month I'm loving crochet, I think it is becoming my new addiction.
I'm pretty pleased with that no out and out fails so that's pretty good really. I'm going to set quite a short list this month as I'm on holiday for a week and also my machine is still in for repair which will limit things for the time being. But here are the goals.

  • Work on new cross stitch
  • Participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge
  • Finish Second PIF gift
  • Make the Granny Squares in to a cushion
  • Finish last 3 postcards for the swap
  • Keep working on the new crochet blocks to see if I can figure out a throw.
  • Work on City and Guilds chapter six.
Ok so actually that's probably an even longer list than last month, lol, but none of them are large projects so hopefully all achieveable

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