Thursday, June 02, 2011

Any Ideas?

I don't tend to buy a lot of fabric these days. I don't often make large projects anymore, I have lots of fabric already that needs to be used :), and of course fabric over here in the UK is often really expensive. But I splashed out the other day when I fell in love with the Wild Garden line of fabric by Dan Bennett. So I got myself a mixed pack of 8 fat quarters which arrived in the post yesterday.Mmmmm they are just so yummy, bright colours and fabulous pattern just my thing. The only problem now is what to do with them. I'm a bit out of the quilting habit and haven't made a top for ages but am thinking it's high time to have another go. As the colours and patterns are so bold I'm thinking a simple pattern which would showcase the fabrics, anyone have any suggestions?

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Amanda said...

That's great fabric, really pretty and zingy. I'm pretty hopeless with ideas for quilts though; I'd be inclined to do something really simple with just squares and then have fun with the quilting. That way the fabric would show off, but you'd have something more than just basic patchwork.