Sunday, June 05, 2011

Amsterdam Revisited - Sights and Attractions

I can hardly believe it but my trip to Amsterdam was about 2 months ago now. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? I still have about 3 posts worth of photos that I uploaded but didn't get round to actually posting. As I'm off on holiday for a week later this month I figured it was about time I tried to get caught up. So here we are Amsterdam revisited :)

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Amsterdam, I barely scratched the surface during my few days.My hotel was right next to Vondel Park, what a fabulous and peaceful place. I often found myself wandering through the park on a pre-breakfast walk in the mornings.Also just round the corner from my hotel was Museumplein. I spent a lovely morning wandering round the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum.So many wonderful artworks, it was pretty overwhelming really. Actually they are currently doing a lot of work at the Rijksmuseum so a lot of the rooms are closed off to the public right now, which was probably no bad thing. Sometimes it gets hard to appreciate the beauty of every piece when there is so much to see and you get a bit blase after a while ...'oh look another masterpiece...' :) Anyway I digress.Museumplein is home to the I amsterdam installation. I was lucky to be there early one morning to get a whole shot as every other time I went by there were people climbing all over this thing getting their photos taken!One of the most moving places I went to was the Anne Frank house. I have to confess that I am pretty ignorant about this period in history, I've always shied away from learning too much about the Nazi regime as I know I would find a lot of it very upsetting. It was very strange going up the stairs behind the bookcase and into the tiny rooms that Anne and her family occupied. It's a very popular attraction but I would certainly recommend a visit - but get there early.And of course you can't talk about Amsterdam without mentioning the flower markets......... and the red light district.

Amsterdam is certainly a city with something for everyone :)

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Anita said...

Great pictures. My sister-in-law is from Holland, I've always wanted to visit.