Tuesday, May 25, 2010

St Giles - Stanton St Quinton

Going back a little while, I decided to start taking my camera out and about with me even on work days. I think I may have already said that part of my job takes me out and about so I'm trying to time some of my lunch breaks so that I get to wander round a few of the local villages I visit.A little while back I took a wander round Stanton St Quinton, I didn't really get much further than the church, its such a pretty place. Look you can tell how long ago this was as the church yard was covered in snow drops.
This church is part of the Living Churchyard project.
Volunteers meet up on a regular basis to help make the church a wildlife friendly place. I loved all the old grave markers.
This one made me smile, looks like whoever was resident made a break for it. If anyone comes across a member of the undead wandering Wiltshire you might want to point him back home :)
There were lots of interesting carvings on the tombs, and the church is covered in fabulous grotesques.

I've since found out that there is a Sheela Na Gig, hidden on the church somewhere so will have to go back to see if I can find her.
Hope you enjoyed coming on a lunchtime wander with me.

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