Sunday, May 30, 2010

Siberian Gold - May Progress

I've made a fair bit of progress with the Tigers this month, which is great. Mostly because I haven't really worked on much else and this is an easy one to pick up and put down whenever I have a spare half hour. This is where I was at the end of April.
And here we are at the end of May
The top right quarter is finished and I'm now starting to work on the final quarter of the picture. There is a reasonable amount of background in this section and some of that is done in half cross stitch which is why there has been quite a bit of progress.
It feels good to be on the final page of the pattern, but still a little daunting to have so much space left to fill in. My goal is to try and have this finished by the end of 2010. We'll see ......


Miss 376 said...

At this rate of progress, you should do it with no problem at all. It's lovely seeing it come to life

katelnorth said...

Angela, your progress is really impressive. As you probably know, I've mostly given up doing any cross-stitch that are that dense - except my Christmas Angels, which may or may not ever get finished!