Saturday, May 01, 2010

Listmania - April/May

Wow, the months are really rattling by this year, I think it's a sign that I'm getting old :) Even though it feels like just a couple of days since my last monthly confessional here we are on the first day of May and it's time to report on how well my crafting month went.

  • Siberian Gold - Progress has been made though maybe not quite as much as I had hoped
  • Hexagons Pillow - add the final 5 rows and attach border fabric. Final Rows added but no border
  • Sheep Sampler - Felt sheep Started but not finished I'll give an update soon

  • Crochet - 3 squares complete. Failed at this again I'm struggling to teach myself the basics I think I need someone to actually show me what to do rather than trying to pick it up from books
  • Knitting - get this one finished Done :)
  • Blackbird - Again I failed at this one and didn't even manage to pick up a needle!
  • revamp cat squares cushion - A start has been made :)
  • Nan's quilt - Didn't manage to pick this one up
  • Garden Postcards - Done
  • Doll Swap - I'm behind on this one started but not finished this is number one priority for next month!
  • Spring Colours Postcards - Done
  • So April wasn't a great month and I think my stitching time may get less over the next few months, I have a house to pack up and the longer, lighter evenings mean that getting out and enjoying the fresh air is far more tempting, but I'll still aim high and see what happens.

    • Tyvek Postcards - need to be mailed by 30th May
    • Needle felted postcards - in the mail by 5th May
    • Siberian Gold - Keep plugging away
    • Hexagons pillow - add border
    • Doll swap - get finished asap
    • Cat Cushion - join the square together again
    • Sheep sampler - finish felted sheep
    • Nan's Quilt


    Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

    Hi Angela
    About the crochet... ring me.. happy to show you long as cake and a cup of tea feature in the proceedings.;0)
    Best wishes

    coral-seas said...

    Well, you are stitching, listing and blogging again, all of that is progress and reasons to be cheerful :-)

    I'm also pleased to note that the two headed monster's four feet look very happy together :-D