Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We have had plenty of snow in the last couple of days. Everything is beautiful and white. This is a quick snap I took on arriving in the car park at work yesterday. As you can see it's pretty empty not many people actually made in it to the office.
We got let out a couple of hours early so I had just enough daylight to get home and get in the garden for a few more quick snaps. My garden pond is hidden in this corner somewhere all frozen over and covered with snow.
Even the green man was wearing a snow hat.
And of course I managed to find just enough daylight to make a mini snowman, complete with broccoli eyes and a sock scarf.


Miss 376 said...

Our cats are taking advantage of the pond being covered over, it's covered in cat prints. Hope they realise when it's not frozen anymore or else they will be swimming again

KimP said...

Happy New Year! Beautiful stitching on the wedding/Christmas present!

And nothing quite stimulates creativity like a new life. Kai looks beautiful. Looking forward to what you create in 2010!