Monday, January 25, 2010


Have been having some trouble sleeping the last few days and last night was the worst. I finally caught a few hours sleep at 6am!

Ever wondered what insomnia looks like? Well I guess everyone has their own particular brand but mine goes something like this....
Eggs and orange juice to stave off the munchies that kicked in at 4am. Lots of clock watching wondering when my brain would switch off and let me sleep.
Figured if I was going to be walking around like a zombie all day I may as well learn to act like one so not 1 but 3 zombie movies kept vigil with me :) My brand of insomnia of course involves some stitching......
....not as much as I would have liked though as the eyes start to play tricks on you and vision becomes blurred :) There is something to be said for all the extra hours of awake time. I'm trying to declutter and am being ruthless this time as I might need to move to a smaller place this year. This is 1 of 2 huge piles of stuff that I will be trying to find new homes for via eBay over the next few weeks.

Are there any other insomniacs out there? I'd love to see what your brand looks like :)
I'm happy to report that not everyone in the family has trouble sleeping and Pip took the opportunity of my absence from the bed to tuck himself in. :)

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Miss 376 said...

lol, think you will find there a lot of us out there who have prioblems sleeping. My brand doesn't often include stitching because of tired eyes, but clearing out is definitely included