Saturday, January 09, 2010

More snowy adventures

I couldn't stand the thought of missing all the snow. So on Thursday I took the afternoon off and went walking along the ridgeway for a while.

Couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to find long tracks of virgin snow to play in.
And play I did :)
This is my poor attempt at a snow angel, have done this since I was a kid, no wonder I'm rusty! I'll do better next time, practise makes perfect....You can just about make out my feet in this shot, but along the furrowed bridleways in places I found myself in snow up to my knees. Even managed to find a rabbit hole or two buried under the snow to get my ankles caught in :) It's amazing what you can find in the snow covered wild. I came across this two headed monster but he was too shy to let me take a picture of anything but his shadow!

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, it's hard not to feel your spirit lift looking at views like these.
In the fading light there was just time to make a flying visit to Silbury Hill. Before a quick trek up hill to pay respects to the ancestors at West Kennet long Barrow
And what a privilege it was to witness this spectacular sunset at such a special location. My poor photography skills just don't do it justice.



looks like you got quite a bit of snow and lots of fun playing:)

Heather said...

Wonderful photos - what a lot of winters Silbury Hill and the barrow stones have seen. I live surrounded by trees and other houses so it is a treat to see all that sky and vast open space.

KimP said...

Beautiful photos - so glad to see that you are surrounded by such beauty. I'm sure this is stimulating your creativity!

coral-seas said...

Happy New Year (I know I'm a bit late but it is a heartfelt wish).

Nice to see your feet again and how exciting to see a two headed monster. He may be shy but I hope he is a friendly monster. Does he have 4 feet he might let you take a picture of :-)