Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something Beginning with W

Time to share another set of postcards that I have been working on. These are for the Something Beginning with W swap on Artsnthemail. This time I decided W would be for White.Sorry about the picture, it's starting to get to that time of year; still almost dark when I leave for work and almost dark when I get home so difficult to get any good light for photos.

I love doing white on white work. For these I raided my scrap box for pieces of fabric and layered together some really scrappy backgrounds, then added a layer of this really fluffy net stuff (have no idea what it was just found it in one of the fabric boxes), then added a few embellishments and some hand stitching.

I really enjoy working like this, freely and having plenty of fun!


Miss 376 said...

Beautiful-haven't tried white on white yet, it is on my to do list.

Threadspider said...

That looks like lots of fun. White on white is on my "to do" list too.

Doreen G said...

Fantastic work Angela I love white on white it is so pure and each stitch stands on it's own merits-it doesn't need colour to help it.