Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well I have heard from the engineer to say that my machine will probably be with them for a week or so. In the meantime I am making do with my basic Brother. It feels very odd stitching on it, it's so clunky, lord knows how I managed to make a whole quilt on it.

Any how here is another set of postcards that I recently finished for an 'Africa' themed swap. I found this wonderful fabric in my stash that I had honestly forgotten all about.

Sometimes the fabric is just perfect and doesn't really need anything else to fancy it up. So with these I just added some seed stitching to various bits of the backgrounds and they were done.
The satin stitched edges are not as good as usual with my clunk machine but hopefully they will still make it through the postal system in one piece!


Helen in the UK said...

Hope your 'good' machine is soon fixed, it is strange to have to rely on a older model isn't it!
Love the African themed cards :)

Jane said...

These are fantastic, perfect fabric for making postcards. Love the colour. Jane

Vicki W said...

Those are great! You are right - sometimes we should leave well enough alone. Your hand stitching is the perfect finish.

Donna said...

sometimes the right fabric is all you need! Your postcards look great.

Anonymous said...

I had a worrie when mum borrowed my machine she somehow got the thread all looped up inside around all the parts, at 1st i tought she broke it till i had a closer look, its the only one i have , i would miss it if it did brake down.

Love the africa cards, i have some x-stitch african charts to do they are wonderful and bright.

Take care