Thursday, October 23, 2008

Siberian Gold - Part Nine

Wow I can't believe I'm just about to give the ninth installment on this one and it's not even half way through yet, I'd better stop thinking on this like that as it's enough to make me want to give up right now :)

I had a pretty tough week with this, it wrestled me all the way. I guess it serves me right for working on it with a fuzzy head. Part way through the week I ended up frogging a whole section as I'd stitched it up in the wrong colours, don't ask me how I managed that I have NO idea!!
Anyway you know the drill by now this is last week.
This is the now
Not as much progress as I had hoped but C'est La Vie!


Andrea said...

He's going to be a stunner though when he's done so well worth the perseverence. I have done 1 cross stitch picture - took me 10 years at least - lol !

Anonymous said...

It sure looks more than half done to me! it's going to be beautiful. My work day yesterday was such a trial that I completely forgot to post my Handwork Wednesday last night. I had to drink sctoch and eat chocolate instead. I'll catch up next week.

Has blogger changed their comment box? It doesn't ask for email address anymore.

Donna said...

if you include the stitches you frogged, in your figuring, you've done lots in a week with a fuzzy brain! There's no deadline to finish, slow steady progress is the point, so don't get discouraged -- think of it as more time to spend "in the process" and with thoughts of your mom.... :-)

Jane said...

Don't you just hate sessions like that! This one is worth every effort though, he's stunning. Here's to a better week ahead, Jane