Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Siberian Gold - Part Ten

Thanks to the miracles of modern blogging hopefully you will be able to see this post which I've scheduled to pop up while I'm away.
I've made a reasonable amount of progress this week which is great.
That was then.
This is now.

I'm not very hopeful of much progress this week. As well as the conference it's Mark's birthday Friday so I expect we will fit in some celebratory outings over the weekend. I don't see much stitching time until next week.


Donna said...

it worked! Scheduled posts are so handy :-)

I see why the tiger wont be walking far now -- that other kitty's laying right in the way isn't she....

Jane said...

It's lovely seeing how the tigers are just appearing out of the mist

Anonymous said...

Its amazing what can be done, im still learning everyday what pc`s do,

Tiger is coming along smashing,
Have you a time limit when you hoping to get it done

Vicki said...

It's amazing to see the progress that you have made on the tiger. You can now visualize it being complete. Do you frame your finished pieces?

Ingrid said...

I have been checking your blog for several weeks and absolutely love seeing your work. I can relate to your tiger (I'm a cross stitcher), but it's very insiring seeing your sewing. You're pieces are really stunning.

Keep up the great work :)