Saturday, December 08, 2007

Somerset Saturday

No creativity from me today. Although the weather was not the best Mark was itching to get out with his camera. Usually I manage to forget to take my little compact when we go out but today I remembered so here are a few snapshots from my day.

First off here is a picture of the Black Nore Lighthouse near Portishead. I really liked this view with the little round window. You can find out more about the lighthouse here. We went to Clevedon to see the pier (picture below) and came across this lovely tiled fountain dating from the 1890, grade II listed no less. More info here.

I loved the colours and textures on this piece of the sea wall at Clevedon. I'm sure passers by must have thought I was quite mad photographing the ground but there is something about this shot that I find beautiful.

We finished the day at Burnham-on-Sea with another lighthouse. Not much of a sunset but the light was lovely none the less.

My favourite pastime of the day was photographing the photographer.
Battling the elements at Black Nore, it was so windy we both had difficulty keeping our cameras still in the wind.On the beach near Clevedon Pier. Shooting the sunset at Burnham.

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Vi said...

Sounds like a fun day out. It's great reading about the places you visit. :-) Hope you all have a great Christmas. Hugs.