Monday, February 04, 2013

YOTA Catch up

Last month I found out about a little UFO stitch along group hosted over at Pull the Other Thread's blog.

What a great idea I thought as I have plenty of stitching UFOs that I want to work on and I thought this would be the perfect thing to keep me focused.

Well all I can say is that January was an epic fail for me.  With my house move stretching out longer than bargained for and getting distracted by a new crochet project the cross stitch that I was planning on working on for this one barely made it out of its bag.

So with the hopes that 'going public' will help me keep this project in mind a bit more I thought I'd just post a picture of how the cross stitch looks right now.
Sorry its a bit dark as I took it yesterday evening when daylight had already disappeared.  I have finished all of the Algerian eye stitching in the side borders which is just about the only thing that's moved on since I last posted about this one here.

Still only the top border and one teacup to stitch, lets hope that by the time YOTA confessions come around next month it'll have been crossed off the UFO list and added to the projects finished in 2013 list :)


Kate North said...

Pretty! I wonder if you have as many unstitched or partly stitched projects as I do (though I have to say, my partly stitched ones are a lot better these days, not counting the Christmas Nemesis)...

Jane said...

I think you did well to get anything done with the packing and everything. Hopefully, it will get easier from now on

Pull the other thread said...

This is such a pretty design. I do hate it when the rreal world interferes with crafting time :)