Monday, February 18, 2013

Small pleasures

Thank you all for the lovely comments of support on my last post they really meant a lot.  Did you all have a nice weekend? For the most part mine looked like this..
... a whole jumble of boxes and bags waiting to be sorted and unpacked.

The room underneath all this mess is my bedroom!! At one stage you could barely get in the room but as the weekend went on I managed to clear a path through it all and there is now some room to move.

It's been a pretty stressful weekend and there are still boxes everywhere and a million and one jobs to do, and my thoughts on how to use the space I have keep changing by the minute but things are feeling a lot more manageable now.

Amidst the chaos I managed to carve out a few moments of calm.  A few small pleasures here and there are what got me through. Like this ... the very first cup of tea at my new home
What's not to enjoy about a nice cuppa and a danish? Do you like my lovely retro floral plate? I found them at a charity shop a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. They only had four but at 25p each they were a bargain that I couldn't pass up, as soon as I saw them I knew they'd be the perfect thing for those cup of tea and a slice of cake moments.


Angela said...

LOVE that plate [the Danish looks gorgeous too!]

Blessings in your new home xx

SueH said...

Golly - I remember having crockery like that!:-)

Hope you're settled into your new place and that it very quickly becomes 'home'!

Sue Wild said...

Congratulations on your move and being a homeowner. Nice to have a space to call home.

Jane said...

It usually takes a while to find out how you want to use a space, just enjoy finding everything again