Thursday, August 11, 2011

A walk on Bodmin

I've been having a good sort out of my photos recently and have come across a set of pictures from a trip we took to Cornwall way back in April which I don't think I've shared. (I knew I was behind but April is just ridiculous!!, lol)

Anyhow in the interests of making sure I have enough to make some more regular blog posts than I have been I think I can stretch these Cornwall pics in to a few posts :) This first one is all about a wonderful walk we took across Bodmin Moor.

I adore the rugged moorland landscape. We had a pretty cloudy day when we went but at the very end the clouds started to disappear, don't you just love this beautiful blue sky against the open moorland?
The route we were following took us to the top of two hills. Rough Tor - the summit had these amazing rock formations, the views were spectacular.

We also went to the top of this hill called Brown Willy - no snickering please (ok so maybe it's just me with a mind in the gutter!)
We did see a few people out on the moors but only a few, they're such a lovely place to walk you don't have to go far before you start to feel like you could be the only person left on the planet, the empty landscapes stretch for mile upon mile.
And of course no visit to the moors is complete without sight of some of the lovely wild ponies. Check out the bandy legs on this cute little foal.
Taking a look back through these pictures is making me long to go back for another visit. We do have a few weekends away booked up, but all other thoughts of booking trips and travel are on hold for the moment. There is a strong possibility that I will be being made redundant in the not too distant future so no more frivolous spending in case I have to join the ranks of the unemployed. I should hopefully find out for sure by the beginning of next month, it's quite a stress filled time here at the moment some big changes could be ahead if my job goes..... in the meantime I'll be making the most of the things that we have already planned and paid for no point being glum.


coral-seas said...

Loved the pictures of Bodmin Moor.

Sorry to hear that you are having such a stress filled time. Hope it turns out your job is safe.

Anita said...

I do so enjoy these posts about the places you've been, they're always so lovely.

Ug, not good that you're worrying about your job. I wish you the best on that and hope all ends well. I know first hand the stress involved in being unemployed and wouldn't wish it on anyone.