Monday, August 01, 2011

August is upon us

Well I think July has been the most abysmal craft month of the year for me I've hardly gotten anything done. I don't think it's really worth checking in on my to do list as I only managed to get a couple of things done. Instead I'm going to start afresh for August. It's another busy and exciting month and I have family coming to stay so I'm not going to be too ambitious on the list front
  • Work on Birds Eye View
  • Finish 4 crochet blocks for the new cushion
  • Participate in Rainbow scrap challenge
  • Make 2nd PIF gift
  • Finish Chapter Six for c&g
  • Work on two 'secret gift projects'
When it's all written out it looks a lot but a couple of these things should be quick wins. I think my main task for August has to be to blog more though :)

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Anita said...

I'm working on the blogging more too, we can keep each other motivated. :) July was a bust for me as well, I was supposed to get so much done during my month off school, oh well. I got a lot of stuff started to finish in August.