Sunday, April 03, 2011

April already

I'm going to easy myself back into blogging after a nice break with my regular monthly catch up.

It just gets scarier and scarier doing these end of month round up post - how quickly time seems to be flying. Nevermind there is nothing that can be done, except to try and make the most of each and everyday.

So anyway it's confession time again, how well did I get on with those self imposed goals of mine
This was the list for March.
  • Participate in the bloggers pillow party - done, I combined this with my other task of making a PIF gift - got to love those times when you get two for the price of one :)
  • Participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Done. This month has been green and I managed to get a few things done and some scraps used
  • Finish 'Iris' for the 3creative Studios challenge - Done, and am really pleased with how she turned out
  • Work on Lakeside Farm Cross Stitch
  • Finish One of my PIF gifts - Done I made a cushion for Claire
  • Participate in Stitched in Colors - Bottled Rainbows Challenge - This one was a failure I'm afraid. What with taking on my new city and guilds course something just has to give and I have sadly decided I'm not going to have time for this challenge after all
  • Catch up on the Birdie Stitches Block of the Month Project. - Another fail I'm afraid, I may have to admit defeat on this one and cross it off the to do list too, we'll see.
  • Make some more Pumpkins - Done, I got 21 of these gruesome cuties made in the end :)
Not on the list but also achieved
  • Chapter One, Module One of a city and Guilds machine embroidery course
  • Six out of 17 recycled and reused postcards.
So time to draw up a list for the next few weeks then
  • Work on the Tigers Cross Stitch (who knows it may even get finished)
  • Participate in Rainbow Scrap Challenge
  • Participate in the 3cs colour palette challenge
  • Finish 3 chapters of my city and guilds course.
  • Finish 6 more reused and recycles postcards
  • Catch up on Birdies block of the month
  • Make a start on the second PIF gift.
I think that's more than enough to be getting on with for now.

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Anita said...

Oi, the month did fly by. Perhaps I need to start making lists too.