Thursday, April 14, 2011

So busy

Life is just so busy for me at the moment it's unreal. The days are just flying and I never seem to fit in as much as I want to. So I want to apologise to all the lovely people that have been leaving me comments recently that I haven't yet had time to reply to. I'm behind with email, I'm behind with blog reading, I'm behind with my to do list, and just generally behind with life, lol. Hopefully I'll catch up soon, but it won't be this weekend as we're away for a couple of days...

Anyway enough waffle. I'm busy trying to get my 3CS doll finished for this months deadline which is tomorrow, eeek! The body is just about done. I'm busy on the headThe face has been drafted and I have started adding some colour. This is what I have so far (the picture shows my head next to the one in the book)Now I have to spend some time after work adding more colour and getting some hair on this little lady. I'm hoping I might squeeze in just before the deadline.

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Anita said...

It looks great, can't wait to see it all put together.