Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Amsterdam - Travel and Adventure

I have about 6 or 7 posts to share with you from Amsterdam. You'll be sick of the sight of the place before I'm done! I had such an amazing time and managed to take a whole tonne of photos even though I was only there for 4 days - believe me when I say I'm only sharing the tip of the iceberg in these posts, lol.Is there any sight more guaranteed to raise the excitement levels than the entrance to the airport - a portal to new places and adventure!I haven't been on a plane for quite a few years so I'd forgotten all about the joys or turbulence and ear popping and feeling like the plane is about the shake to pieces during take off and landing - actually it really wasn't that bad I'm being a bit of a drama queen. The shot above is of the airport as we were taxiing down the runway.And here's the view up above the clouds. Look at all that fluffy whiteness and amazing blue sky. I love being able to look out and seeing clouds, or a patchwork of green fields and tiny houses - or tiny windmills which is what greeted us as we flew over Holland!The blue skies, fluffy clouds and sunshine stayed with me as I lugged my backpack through the streets of Amsterdam in search of my hotel. Here it is in the picture above. First building at the front of the picture, entrance under the blue canopy. To make the trip as cheap as possible I booked a budget place on last minute and the hotel certainly was very basic but it was good none the less, in a great location and I would stay there again for sure.I forgot to take any picture in the hotel except for this one of the staircase which I thought was quite pretty, despite the one missing pane of glass :)And I also snapped this one of me - looking pretty haggard after my 4am start - in my room - but you can't see too much of the room. Never mind, I'll have to make a note to myself and do better in the 'photos of accommodation' department on my next trip.

Tune in again soon as I have so much more to tell you about Amsterdam!

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coral-seas said...

As you know J and I visit A'dam regularly. We have travelled there by road, rail (the Tunnel part), sea and air. Whichever route we travel it takes us 8 hours door to door. But when we fly we laugh because we spend more time walking to and from terminals and taxiing on runways that we do in the air :-)