Thursday, March 16, 2006

My favourite animals - postcard swap

Yipee today I finished another set of postcards that I have been working on for a swap entitled my favourite animals. Well of course I had to chose the cat. I had this beautiful cat squares fabric in my stash and managed to find some perfect paw print material to match at the quilt show last weekend.

I've added some beads to some of the paw prints for the toes and finished it off with some pretty eyelash yarn round the edge. I'm really pleased with the way they have turned out and can't wait to see what I get in return. I know that one lady has made some turtles but I don't have a clue what the rest will be.

This will be my last post now until Sunday at the earliest as I am going to visit my Dad this weekend. I'm off to try and gather some things for a couple of hand sewing projects so that I'll have plenty to work on while I'm there!


AliKat (WOTFGM's) said...

As you know I too love cats and this Makower fabric is gorgeous,you did a great job Angela. Just not sure where you find the time to do everything whats your secret?

Angela said...

My house is a mess, I have bags under my eyes, and I always have some hand sewing in my bag so if I have nothing to do on my lunch break at work I sew :) I think I am truely sewing obsessed!!!