Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pink and purple crazy!

Ever feel like you've over committed yourself? Well I've been so carried away with my new interest in postcard making that I didn't realise how many swaps I'd signed up for and they all seem to be finishing this week! Arrggggh I'm hopeful that I will get everything done before the postmarked deadlines but it might mean a couple of late nights :)

Here are 2 sets of cards that I made this weekend. On the left the theme was pink, purple and silver. I had wanted to make these chenilled but they've just had to settle for being slashed due to time. I used 5 layers of fabric and cut a hole in the centre of each layer for a piece of silver to show through. I used some of my microwave dyed fabric for the top layer.

The cards on the right are mini pink and purple log cabins made with plain and floral fabrics. I hand sewed these while at my dad's this weekend and my Nan fell in love with them so I am going to send her one in the post so she can see they really do get there!

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