Thursday, February 02, 2006

My first Fiber Postcard

Wow this year so far has been filled with quilting firsts for me long may it continue!

Well here is my first attempt at making a fiber postcard, it might not be very fancy and some improvements could definately be made to my satin stitching (maybe a new sewing machine is in order), but hey I'm pretty pleased.

I cut a whole piece of the navy moon fabric 6" x 4" and fused the fairy on top. (Thanks for sending me such great fabric Alicat!). I then cut a piece of medium interfacing and fused the two layers together.

I used some varigated thread to hand quilt up the lines between the moons, I don't think this shows too well in the picture. I used the same thread to add some sparkle to the fairy wings. I also added a few seed beads here and there to add a bit more interest to the background.

I finally cut a piece of 6" x 4" calico for the back, something which should be easy to write on with a fabric pen, fused this to the quilted front and satin stitched all the layers together with pink to pick up the colour of the fairy wings ....finished!

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