Saturday, February 18, 2006

Meet Trevor!

Today I've been working on a postcard for the FiberArtTraders group. The theme is In the Garden with fairies and Gnomes.

This will be my design for the swap and I've called home Trevor the tree stump gnome :).

For the background I've used some fabric that I dyed in the microwave using green and beige dyes, this means that although I'll be making 10 Trevors altogether they will all be unique.

I hand stamped 'explore, imagine, dream' in the corner but this doesn't show too well in the photo. To finish him off I added a couple of beads to his antenna, some googly eyes (I hope they survive the post I've used strong glue!) and a few randomly placed seed beads on the background. I'm pretty pleased with the way he's turned out, just 9 more Trevors to make and I'm done, lol!


Cory said...

Angela, He is absolutely adorable! I decided not to join this swap, but may change my mind. Wonderful job. Cory

Anonymous said...

Angela love that you named your gnome. Trevor is a great name!